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Welcome to BioTeens! 

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My name is Yashaswi Bista, and I am a junior in high school who is passionate about biology.










Biology has always been my favorite subject in school. I’ve always been interested in how the human body and the various animal species work. The evolution of humans, genetics, and the general health of both animals and species especially drew my attention. Seeing how illnesses such as thyroid, asthma, and cancer have affected my family, I am passionate about informing others about health with a reliable source of information.

Therefore, I created BioTeens, realizing that there are a lot of myths related to human health on the internet. For instance, many people are convinced that certain foods, diets, and medications can negatively impact their health on social media; conversely, there are false claims about the benefits of certain foods and medications. I saw an influx of this during the Pandemic especially. Through the health essays I write, I aim to demystify these false claims by explaining the truth through science.


I’ve also noticed a general lack of opportunities for students to learn about career options in biology at schools. Certainly, there are classes regarding the topic, however, there are no resources at many schools for students who are interested in the career field to learn more. So, I decided to include a portion of the website dedicated to informing teens interested in biology. Through career pages and interviews, my hope is that I can assist all teens interested in the field of biology learn about the career options available.

 I look forward to engaging in this journey learning and discovering more about biology with all of you!

Sea Sponges
Image by Richard Horvath
Embryonic Stem Cells
Pipetting Samples
Fish in Aquarium
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