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Are Egg Yolks Bad for you?

Eggs have long been consumed by many. They are a great source of protein and believed to be very healthy. They are also found in many foods like cakes and cookies. However, some may only consume egg whites, believing that the egg yolks are harmful. Past studies and assumptions have led to this belief, but egg yolks are a lot healthier than previously thought and may even help with some illnesses.

In the past, many avoided eating eggs due to egg yolks. The yolk in eggs is high in cholesterol, and since studies linked high blood cholesterol to heart disease, many avoided eating egg yolks. However, the egg yolk is rich in nutrients, and even though eggs are abundant in cholesterol, consuming the yolk does not raise cholesterol levels in the body. This is because if cholesterol is not obtained from food, the liver produces cholesterol for the body, as it is essential for human function. So, when the egg yolk gives the body the cholesterol it needs, the levels of cholesterol stay stagnant and do not increase. As this past belief of eggs increasing cholesterol levels in the body has been discredited, the positive effects of eggs have been found to be more profound.

Consuming an entire egg with the yolk has many positive effects in regards to decreasing the negative effects of illnesses. In fact, it is believed that consuming more eggs lowers the risk of metabolic syndrome. Eggs also help reduce the risk of heart disease for those with insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes. And for those who are pre-diabetic, studies have found eggs to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce the risk of heart disease. As these positive effects on heart disease have been discovered, the false assumption that previously limited egg intake has been discredited. Furthermore, the positive effects of eggs are so clear that the Heart Foundation even encourages the consumption of egg yolk.

As the positive effects of eggs outweigh the previously discredited belief of the link between increased cholesterol levels and egg yolks, it is encouraged for everyone to consume eggs. Eggs are a great source of protein and other nutrients necessary for healthy body functions. And as time has passed and studies conducted, previous recommendations restricting egg intake by medical organizations have become less stringent.



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