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Can facial exercises change your face?

Have you ever seen YouTube videos that claim to have exercises to change your face? Some may say it can help with slimming down the face, while others claim to remove wrinkles. But do these exercises actually work?

Research on facial exercises

A group of researchers had women exercise their faces for 30 minutes everyday, resulting in the women having a much more youthful appearance. However, the study did not have enough participants and is recommended to be longer. Harvard Medical school also finds that there is not enough evidence that facial exercises actually change the face. The effects of facial exercises are also much less distinguishable than those of extensive treatment through fillers and chemical peels.

Benefits of facial massages

Though they may not get rid of wrinkles, facial massages can help with a more relaxed face and overall appearance. Facial massages bring blood to the face, releasing muscle tension. A less tense face can help you look younger.

How can you have a youthful appearance?

Ways to see a more quick and effective youthful appearance are through fillers and supplements. This is not recommended for many in their youth. However, more natural ways to have such an appearance are through daily exercise and a well balanced diet.



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