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Do Juice Cleanses help Gut Health?

Many may have heard of the juice cleanse diet. It is a diet that has been popular for a very long time, as it is believed to be a simple method for quick weight loss. Juice cleanses are mainly made up of fruits and vegetables and are believed by many to benefit one’s health. In some cases, juice cleanses may help improve gut health, however, there are significant consequences of juice cleanses that must be kept in mind.

Juice cleanses minimally support gut health. Various studies have shown that juice cleanses support an increase of healthy gut bacteria. In fact, one study observed an increase in the overall well-being of patients following a juice cleanse diet. This may be because a good balance of fruits and vegetables are necessary for a healthy digestive system. Moreover, the main components of juice cleanses, including orange juice and greens, contribute immensely to health. Oranges maintain pH and acidity balance, while greens are recognized to improve gut health. However, juice cleanses are not the best way to maintain gut health. A well balanced diet that includes fiber is more important for gut health. Furthermore, despite various sources claiming that juice cleanses flush toxins out of the body, they do not. The body is usually able to flush out toxins well on its own. Considering that a well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle itself supports gut health, juice cleanses are far inferior.

The consequences of juice cleanses are significant, including negative psychological and physical implications. Juice cleanses often correlate with the risk of developing eating disorders. This is because juice cleanses are often done in order to quickly lose weight, which can cause many to view regular meals in a negative light. Even though juice cleanses can lead to quick weight loss, the weight loss has been discovered to be temporary, contributing immensely to negative views on regular meals. Juice cleanses can also lead to many physical consequences. During juice cleanses, many new to this diet may experience symptoms of gas, bloating, and diarrhea due to the changes in diet. The diet changes often lead to exhaustion in many people because their energy needs are not met. Brain function also depends on sufficient amounts of proteins and fats, which are usually not met on juice cleanse diets. Additionally, If the juices are bought from a store, they often contain high sugar concentrations. Consuming an abundance of sugar is the contributing factor to obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, inflammation, and heart disease. Considering the various consequences of this diet, juice cleanses are not the best idea.

Juice cleanses are not the best option for gut health. There are many consequences and few benefits, which can be achieved with a well-balanced diet. Since the consequences outweigh the benefits, consuming fruits and vegetables in a balanced and healthy diet is most beneficial for gut health. Those still questioning the benefits of juice cleanses may seek the advice of their doctor.



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