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Does Celery Help Weight Loss Goals?

Celery juices are very popular methods to lose weight today. Celery is believed to break down fat in the body. While celery has many benefits, the belief that it can break down fat is not necessarily true. Celery is a great way to obtain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It also helps reduce inflammation and supports efficient digestion with its mineral, antioxidant, and vitamin components. However, it does not necessarily "burn fat."

Celery does not burn calories nor aid weight loss by itself. Celery does not have many calories, and while it is true that digesting food burns calories, the act of eating celery does not burn the celery’s own calories. This means that despite a widely held belief that celery is made up of negative calories celery is not. In fact, no food by itself can help someone achieve a calorie deficit– the act of burning more calories than consuming. Though, those trying to lose weight may incorporate celery into their diet as part of a calorie deficit, as consuming a low calorie celery snack will be easier to burn through exercise than other kinds of snacks.

Some foods can support one in consuming as little calories as possible in a healthy way, which is needed for weight loss. These foods include salmon, eggs, chicken breasts, and green tea. This is because these foods help you feel full for long periods of time, reduce inflammation, and take a long time to digest. This can prevent overconsumption of food, allowing calories to be easily burned with exercise. Similarly, celery, with its anti-inflammatory abilities, can help support weight loss. In fact, a 2019 study found that inflammation in the body is correlated with the risk of weight gain. However, correlation does not equal causation, and for most people with little to no inflammation, celery will not at all cause any differences.

An unbalanced diet that leads to inflammation, hunger, and quick digestion may be causing weight gain. So, for some a better balanced diet with celery may prevent weight gain. However, food itself cannot burn calories, so it is important that those wishing to lose weight eat healthy and balanced meals along with exercising in such a way to allow for a calorie deficit.



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